Service Work

Arizona Area:

Meets the 2nd Saturday of the month at St. Luke’s @ 10:00 am, 515 N. 18th St., Phoenix, AZ 85006, in the Behavioral Health Resource Building.


2020 AZ Area Convention Committee:

Meets one Saturday per Month from 12 pm – 2 pm. Upcoming Meeting Dates: November 23rd, 2019, December 21st, 2019, and January 25th, 2020. Questions or to get involved , come to the meeting or call:

Anissa (Chair)

Phone# 520.272.0125



Christie N. (Co-Chair)

Phone# 480.313.0221



Hospitals & Institutions Committee:

Meets the 1st Wednesday of the month @ 7:00 pm, 3707 N. 7th St. Suite# 100, Phoenix, AZ 85014. 1st floor – look for signs.To get involved or if you have questions, come to the business meeting or call:

Don C.

Phone# 602.800.3020


Tyler M.

Phone# 602.583.1468


Public Information Committee:

Stephen W.

Phone# 480.677.5160



Info-line Liaison:

Sebastian T.

Phone# 602.483.7980



Entertainment Committee


Come to the area meeting on the 2nd Saturday of the month if you are interested in the position.


Finance Committee:

Kris F.

Phone# 480.720.5172



Archives Committee:

Nikki K.

Phone# 602.826.4259


Structures and Bylaws Committee:


Phone# 602.316.5826


CA Hope:

Tanner S.

Phone# 480.247.0499


For those who cannot get to a scheduled meeting (sick, in the hospital, house arrest, etc…), call Tanner and one will be brought to you! If you know of somebody in need of a meeting, please call Tanner.


Chips & Literature:

Anthony T.

Phone# 678.913.4529

For Chips & Literature pick up at Area or call


2020 Apache Lake Round Up Committee:

Meets 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at Denny’s at 825 S. 48th St., Tempe, AZ 85281 Contact:

Erin D.

Phone# 480.265.6237


F.O.C.A: (Fellowship Outreach of CA)

Meets with the District Service Board (see above) Call:

Ruby M.

Phone# 480.233.5802


CA Lifeline:

Meets 1st Wednesday of each month @ 6:00 pm which is immediately before the monthly H&I business meeting. For more info and to get involved, contact:

Taylor B.

Phone# 970.379.0498



C.A. Flyer Approval:


In the spirit of Tradition Six, C.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution.